Auto cinema

A restyling to the old and fun concept of the drive-in cinema helped us to carry out a tour to promote the different series of Disney Junior.

This is (The House of Mickey Mouse, Doctor Toys, Lion’s Guard, Princess Sofia and Miles of the Future) that are broadcast through Movistar +.

We have recreated a personalized booth with the Disney image and the different cartoon series.

The dynamics

Inside it, there was a gigantic screen in which different chapters were emitted through a videoowall formed by 4 screens of 75 inches..

As an introduction to the chapters, a master of ceremonies, carried out an interactive animation in which he introduced children to each of the magical worlds of Disney.

Meanwhile, the kids, enjoyed the show seated in some peculiar cars made specifically for the event.

The result

More than 15,000 children took part in the first tour with the Auto Cine Disney Junior, while doing a task of capturing “leads” based on the parents who went to the area with the small ones, that served as base for Movistar + to Market their product.

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