Interactive wakamole + Facetracking

A tour in shopping centers of one of the most important international chains had 2 applications developed by Inovace and with the Ninja Turtles as main characters.

For this we had a set with a touch screen where participants could play and compete.

The dynamics

Facetracking; Something like a digital “mask”, that was the result of getting track the participant’s face and digitally placing the face of one of the famous turtles. In addition the module of share included in the application, allowed to share with their friends the fun result.

Interactive Wakamole; The classic game of trying to keep the tops out of their burrow was dealt with digitally and transformed into a marketing game in which the reflexes are fundamental to being the best.


More than 90,000 participants along the tour present in 11 shopping centers in Spain and Portugal.

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