The real Santa Claus

Nickelodeon commissioned us to do a marketing action with Santa.

This action had to take place in the Flagship of Telefónica.

Our proposal was based on creating a mobile application that would allow the child to know TRUE SANTA CLAUS.

The dynamics

Can you imagine children’s faces when they come to see Santa and he calls them by their names, reminds them about those things in which
they must improve (study more, not fight with their brothers, eat better …) or tells them how they behaved very well and for what they will be rewarded?

It was possible thanks to an app created for this action, in which we previously collected data from the parents without the children noticing, and then … the magic was done..

The child arrived and Santa Claus talked to him/her knowing perfectly who he/she was.


Thousands of families enjoyed meeting the “Real Santa Claus”, the one that when you get closer he knows who you are, what your name is, what you whished for and even if you have behaved well.

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