Interactive vending machine
Interactive vending machine
Creative Engineering

We are pioneers creating interactive vending machines adapted to the world of marketing and events.

Interactive Vending Machine

We love doing great crazy things !!

From creating the first “interactive Vending Machine” for Coca-cola where instead of introducing coins you had to “play against the machine” to get your drink for a prize, to producing the first “interactive vending Machine” that is mind controlled. Does it seem like a fantasy? Well it’s real!

The world’s first vending machine powered by the electronic activity of the user’s brain.

Focusing heavily on the can, it moves toward you floating in midair, allowing users to fight each other, giving thousands of fans a unique experience and a display of real-life strength. EGG-headset, magnetic rail and a floating can were the ingredients of this incredible marketing action for Coca-Cola with a tour in several European countries.

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